VA Placement

Taking the sourcing out of outsourcing.

Who We Are

Our company, VA Placement Service, was founded by the owners of Ascension Consulting, a leader in the digital training industry since 2015.

Ascension Consulting’s flagship training program is The Wholesale Formula (TWF).

TWF has taught more than 6,000 students from all over the world. To better help those students grow and automate their businesses, we introduced VA Placement Service in April 2020 where we find, vet, train, hire, and manage Virtual Assistants (VAs) for TWF students.

VA Placement has since grown and is now serving hundreds of clients. With thousands of Virtual Professionals in its network, it now also offers VAs for Online Arbitrage and for virtually any type of business through its Recruitment Service. It also offers Done-For-You Reimbursement for Amazon FBA businesses. And, very soon, it will also start offering Bookkeeping VAs.

Services We Offer

TWF VA Service

Finding, vetting, certifying, and hiring a Virtual Assistant trained on The Wholesale Formula proprietary reverse sourcing wholesale methods for your Amazon business

OA Challenge VA Service

Finding, vetting, certifying, and hiring a Virtual Assistant trained on Online Arbitrage sourcing methods for your Amazon business

DFY Reimbursement

An actual team of humans finding reimbursement opportunities for you, opening cases with Amazon Seller Support, and following up on the tickets until your approved reimbursement requests are actually paid

Recruitment Service

Finding the best remote talent for your organization by gaining access to top 1% online workforce from the Philippines

Bookkeeping Service

Coming soon!

Client Portal

Upon successful enrollment to VA Placement, you will be given access to a library of resources to prepare you for interviewing, hiring, onboarding, managing, and monitoring your virtual assistant.

Work As A Freelancer

We offer permanent work from home opportunities for Filipinos.

FREE TRAINING will be provided by VA University.

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